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Phone:(904) 692-1777
Address:PO box 188
City/State/Zip:Elkton, FL 32033
Primary Contact:Melanie Cain_ Stage
Primary Email:hawke@aug.com
Secondary Contact:St Johns Vet Clinic
Secondary Email:904 824 8123
Comments:I am a leading expert on river otters and also have facilities for them also bobcats and for birds of prey and endangered species of birds.
Our vet clinic ST Johns Vet on US 1 S. allows people to drop wildlife off and treats them until we can pick them up. They are on US i in St Augustine Fl 32086 824-8123. Due to the over load of wildlife and limited space and funds, we can not take any but the above species from out of our county (St Johns)
Permits: Federal All Birds
Federal Eagles
Federal Raptors
Federal Songbirds
State Mammals
Animals: Bobcats
Wading Birds

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